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Escape To Wellness



    All Natural

    facialSalt therapy is a 100 % natural and very pleasing way to combat a host of conditions and improve a persons overall health and well-being, and meet your health and wellness goals both inside and out.


    Pure Air

    SPA MassagesWhen people spend time in the atmosphere within our Salt Cave or Salt Rooms, you are exposed to air that is about 10 times purer than the air outside, which means they can experience a whole host of positive health benefits simply by breathing in and out.


    Hair Tips Salt Oasis', goal is to provide you with an amazing experience that will delight your senses and return your body to a place of balance with renewed energy. We're confident that once you've "escaped" to Salt Oasis, you will want to come back again and again.



    Beauty Tips Fatigue, depression, and aches and pains are just some of the side effects of over-exposure to positive ions. By spending time in one of our Salt Cave and Salt Rooms, you can fight back against these harmful elements and restore your mental clarity, boost your energy level and ease inflammation.